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Getting Started

Congratulations on making it this far! You are one step closer to having your own Amazon Seller store. To begin, you need an Amazon seller account. The process of signing up is straightforward and can be accomplished in no time. Rather than writing the process again here, we recommend following Amazon's step-by-step instructions. The following document explains everything you need to know about creating an Amazon Seller account.

Setting up your Amazon Seller Central Account (PDF)


Amazon Seller Central

After signing up for an Amazon Seller account, download the Amazon Seller app and install it on your phone. The Amazon Seller application was specifically designed by Amazon for sellers. The app provides useful information and tools to help you manage your business. The program includes a built-in picture scanner that can recognize UPC barcodes and book covers, inventory management, pricing recommendations, sales data, and much more. If you are just getting started, get to know this app well. You can find plenty of video tutorials online that will help you get up to speed. In the following tutorials, we will touch on some of the practical techniques that we have found to be useful.


Software Tools:

Scanning Software

Once you get some hands-on experience with the Amazon Seller Central App, you may notice a few drawbacks. Although the App provides the information you need, it is not built for speed. When you sell used books or media, the speed at which you process items has a direct effect on how much business you can generate. Scanning items using the Amazon Seller Central App will allow you to scan about 5-10 books per minute. This is not efficient. 

There are scanning apps specifically designed for scanning barcodes quickly. By connecting a Bluetooth scanner to your phone or computer, you can scan anywhere from 20 to 40 barcodes per minute. This eliminates the need for you to use the Amazon Seller photo scanning option and helps you work more efficiently and quickly. 

When you scan barcodes, scanning software instantly shows pricing information and other useful data. This includes information such as the Best Seller Rank (BSR), current listings, the number of times each item has sold in the last 180 days, cover art, etc. The software compares this data to your personal Buying Criteria (price/rank filters) and recommends whether to sell the product or not. 

Barcode Scanning software options include our own Bookseller Academy Tool, Scoutly, and others.

Bookseller Academy FBA vs. FBM Scanner

Listing Software - Bulklister  

When I began selling books online, I used Amazon's listing system. This method is suitable for beginners but takes up to five minutes to list each book . Depending on how many books you plan to list, the process can take several days, if not weeks. Selling books successfully requires a high degree of standardization, and taking longer to list books reduces the time available to search for new inventory. 

Listing items for sale is one of the most crucial steps in the operation process. If improperly addressed, it can impede productivity and growth. There are several software solutions that solve the problem such as Bookseller Academy's Bulklister, Inventory Labs, and others. For the purposes of this course, we will discuss Bulklister. 

Bulklister is designed specifically to list books (or anything else) on Amazon. Bulklister enables you to list books about as rapidly as you can scan barcodes. It supports batch listing, meaning processing large volumes of inventory at a time. If you were to sort your books by condition, for instance, you could simply select the appropriate condition note, scan the stack of books, and the information would be applied to all the listings at once. To accomplish this in Amazon Seller Central, you would have to copy and paste each condition note for each book. Listing software like Bulklister makes repetitive tasks easier. 

 Other useful features include the ability to customize stock-keeping units (SKUs), tracking COGS, and live or default pricing. In addition, there are features like label printing and box content verification. The software is available as a subscription service.

Bulklister (List and Pricing view pictured)