Grading or Condition your Books

Condition Used Books

Grading / Conditioning

Grading books is a vital part in the operations process. During the grading process it is important to look for the following:

  • Writing
  • Highlighting
  • Underlining
  • Missing pages
  • Stains (spots, dust, coffee, yellowing)
  • Odor
  • Water damage

If these details are missed or not represented in the condition notes, it can lead to negative ratings. The goal is to accurately describe books as well as possible. It is ok to sell books with some imperfections. Simply make sure the customer knows it before they buy. As an FBA seller, grading your books accurately is about as close to good “customer service” as you’ll need.

We’ve found that the fastest way to generate your first few 5 star ratings is to under-grade your books. This means that you are essentially delivering a better-conditioned product than the customer expects. After a customer receives their order, Amazon will likely send them an email asking about their satisfaction with the product. If the customer is happy there is a better chance they will leave a positive rating.


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