How to use box content for Amazon FBA

Box Content

How Box Content Works

Box content was developed by Amazon to track the movement of inventory through their distribution network. This gives Amazon insight into the exact location of every product even before it's organized at their fulfillment warehouse. This allows for products to be made available for sale sooner and be delivered to the customer faster.

How to Prepare a One-Box Shipment 

Often you can influence Amazon’s warehouse selection by preplanning a One-Box shipment. This strategy allows you to process and ship about 25-40 books at a time in one box. It is thought that Amazon may be organizing the way shipments are routed by weight or cubic feet. Usually, this strategy is successful, but every so often there is a split shipment. 

Split Shipments - Amazon may split a shipment, meaning a few books are routed to another warehouse. A simple remedy is to remove the books from the shipment and store them aside to process later. The majority of books should still be in one box and can be approved for shipment without the need to include box content information. 

What is STA? (Send to Amazon)

Starting from December 31st, 2022, Amazon has decided to discontinue the FBA Shipping Plan workflow. To simplify the process for the "Send to Amazon" workflow, Amazon has introduced a new procedure that sellers should follow:

1. Begin a new session by creating a new session.

2. Scan all the items you wish to send and place them in a box, ensuring that the box does not exceed a weight of 50 pounds.

3. Once you have finished scanning the items, download the text file that contains all the necessary information.

4. Upload the text file in the "Send to Amazon" section, and you're done!

By following this new procedure, sellers can easily streamline the process of sending items to Amazon without any hassles. As always, Amazon remains committed to making the selling experience as convenient as possible for its sellers.

For an in-depth walkthrough see the video below:

Box Content with Bulklister

Welcome to our tutorial on how to use 2D barcodes for box contents when sending multiple boxes to Amazon FBA. Before we begin, it is important to note that this method will only work if labels (FNSKU) have been applied to your items.

Assuming you are ready to pack and send two boxes, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bookseller Academy tools and head to the list FBA section.
  2. Click on "Start Sessions" and then "Create Session". Give your session a name, such as the date of your shipment.
  3. Scan each book and pack it into the first box. Fill the box to the top but don't go over 50 pounds. You can keep track of the books added to the box by scrolling down.
  4. Once the first box is full, write down the box number and weight.
  5. Click on the "Next" button to move on to the second box. Scan books for this box, ensuring that you match the book with the image shown on the screen. Once the second box is full, label it with the box number and weight.
  6. Click on the "Download STA File for Upload" option to download the file that you'll use to upload the books you're sending to Amazon.
  7. Log into Amazon Seller Central and navigate to the inventory section. From there, click on "Shipments", and then "Send to Amazon".
  8. Click on "File Upload" and upload the file you just downloaded. You should now see everything you scanned in the session.
  9. Set the prep category for each item. Use the "Select All" checkbox to edit items in bulk. For books, select "No Prep Needed" for all of them.
  10. Click on "Pack Individual Units" and choose "Multiple boxes will be needed" since you are working with two boxes. Enter "2" for the number of boxes.
  11. Under "How box information will be provided", select "Use 2D Barcodes". Enter the dimensions of the first box, its weight, and the count configuration. Since the first box is unique by weight, enter "1". Then, add another configuration and enter the information for the second box.
  12. Click on "Confirm 2D Barcodes" and then "Confirm and Continue".
  13. Now it's time to print your shipping labels. Make note of the shipping ID, which you'll need to print out your 2D labels.
  14. Go back to the Bookseller Academy tools and print the 2D barcode labels by entering the shipment ID that was given to you from the Amazon session.
  15. Apply the labels: start with the two labels provided by Amazon, the carrier label and the shipment ID label. Make sure they are not going over any seams and that you are applying the correct label on the respective box number. Finally, apply the 2D barcode labels. Double-check that all the labels are applied correctly and that the boxes are properly sealed.

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