How to Label Your Books for Amazon FBA

Labeling Books


Labeling should be one of the fastest processes in your operations schedule. After following the scanning procedure in our last module, you can now go to Amazon, select the shipment and item labels, and all labels should print out in exact order as scanned.

To begin, we recommend using either a traditional printer with 30-up labels or a thermal printer (Dymo 450).

Although Amazon had a labeling service (requires per unit payment), we recommend printing and labeling yourself. Every step in the operations workflow helps to verify that the previous step has been done correctly. If labels don’t print out as expected, there may have been an error in the listing process. Put these book aside and investigate the issue later. 

Perhaps you are not able to sell a specific book and Amazon excludes that label from your printout. This is good to know because you don’t want to send that book. This will help you identify books that should not be included in the shipment and avoid shipment errors.

Once the labels are printed, find the first book, place the appropriate label over the barcode, and from that point, every additional book/label should be in the exact order that they were scanned.

You will occasionally find books with multiple barcodes on the back cover. Amazon requests that you also cover those additional barcodes with a blank label (this prevents Amazon warehouse workers from accidentally scanning the wrong barcode).

Once all labels are in the right place and all barcodes are covered, you are ready to move onto the final steps in the preparation phase. Now it’s time to ship.



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