Hardware Supplies

Hardware Supplies

Hardware Supplies

Scanning Books

As you start your Amazon FBA journey, you'll need to invest in some hardware to streamline your operations. Here is a comprehensive list of the hardware we recommend:

Option 1: KDC200i Barcode Scanner What we love: The button action is smooth and responsive. It's also lightweight and easy to use. What we dislike: It can be a bit pricey, and sometimes hard to find in stock. Option 2: Opticon Barcode Scanner What we love: It's built to last, with durable construction. What we dislike: (no specific dislikes) Option 3: Eyoyo Mini 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner What we love: This pocket-sized scanner is a great value for the price and includes a computer dongle option. What we dislike: (no specific dislikes) To Cover Up Existing Barcodes: Avery 30-Up Labels - Use your existing laser printer to print FNSKU labels. For a more professional setup: Dymo 450 Label Printer House labels HL-30334-R Dymo-Compatible Labels - These labels cover most book barcodes perfectly.

Rollo Thermal Printer 4x6 Labels for the Rollo Thermal Printer

Additional Office Items:

Brother Laser Printer - Use to print shipping labels or 30-Up labels. Half Sheet Labels - Split in half to print the UPS label and FBA Shipping Label. If you want to step up your game: Shipping Scale - Use to ensure that boxes don't exceed 50 pounds. Tape Guns - Use to seal boxes that you send to Amazon. For a more "quiet" solution: Tape Dispenser Paper Tape Manual Dispenser Automatic Tape Dispenser

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Hardware Supplies

Hardware SuppliesScanning BooksAs you start your Amazon FBA journey, you'll need to invest in some hardware to streamline your operations. Here is a... Read More

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